Hello and Welcome!

Books are what make the world go round.

They’re also the main reason for the clutter in my room.  But book clutter is the only kind I really like.  It makes me feel like Mo and Meggie Folchart are living in the rooms down the hall.  Or perhaps Carl Conrad Coreander and Bastian Balthazar Bux will pay me a visit.  But I’m not here to showcase my knowledge of book characters, or even to provide any kind of comic material.  I’m just a Master of Fine Arts graduate who needed some medicine for my bibliophilia.

At The Library Key, you’ll find reviews for all manner of books, though I should warn you, depending on your literary tastes, that this will mostly relate to fantasy.  I love any book that can enthrall and enchant me, but I tend to pick up a lot of young adult and fantasy titles.  But don’t despair of any surprise titles…you never know when one will appear…

Each book gets a rating too–not in stars, but in fairies.  The highest is five.

Happy reading, everyone!