Me, Who Am I?

Do you really care who I am?  Okay.

–My name is Stephanie, recently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, having completed my thesis under the tutelage of William Faulkner Award-winning author, Allison Lynn

–I am/have been a fiction submission reader at Booth: A JournalAnomaly Literary Journal, and Split Lip Magazine, where I am also Editorial Assistant

–I teach English composition as an adjunct, and work part time as a freelance writer.  You can find my resume at my writing website, Stories and Steph

–I’m a regular consumer of tea, especially blackberry mint, lavender Earl Grey, and green with lemon. My favorite place in the whole world to get tea is HoiTeaToiTea

–I’m a seamstress, specializing in fantasy costume, and I love going to Renaissance faires and comic conventions.  I’ve also been a practicing archer for five years, because I like pretending to be a Merry Man. 😛

–I’m a middle child, between two awesome sisters

–I am addicted to Swedish Fish and Sour Gummy Worms, and you’ll never see me be silent during a Disney marathon