The Book of Spells, by Kate Brian

Witches, in their many incarnations, have always fascinated me. When I was thirteen, I watched the cartoon W.I.T.C.H over and over again, I wrote made-up spells in a notebook (my little sister and I even tried some—to no effect), and even composed a series of mini-stories about a seventh-grade witch’s misadventures in school. Give me … Continue reading The Book of Spells, by Kate Brian

Eat the Apple, by Matt Young

Several months back, I proofread a rather in-depth and informative interview between the Editor-in-Chief of Split Lip and Matt Young, who had just written an Iraq war memoir called Eat the Apple. Imagine my surprise and delight when said Editor-in-Chief announced that Matt would be coming on board as our Memoir Editor! I learned a … Continue reading Eat the Apple, by Matt Young