Majesty: American Royals II, by Katherine McGee

It was actually quite tempting to not write a review of this book. What could I talk about in this book that would not invite spoilers from the previous one? I also had so many thoughts turning in my head of what an excellent Shakespearean dramady this book also was, much like the first. So many thoughts on how excellently the plot came together: how the characters’ choices all had great repercussions on one another. At the very least, I could remark on how much fun it was. American Royals II: Majesty: 9781984830210: McGee, Katharine:  Books

Beatrice, Samantha, and Jefferson still remain the titular American royals. Though Sam may be the middle child, I think Beatrice has become my favorite of the royals. She is constantly stuck between trying to be the queen she was raised to be and the woman she wishes she could be instead. She wants so much to keep the man she loves, but the Crown will not allow her to. She wants to make headway as the first young queen ever, but she chafes against the traditions everyone silently wishes she would keep.

Still, it is amazing to watch her yield her power like a true queen, timid though she may be about her new position. Watching her storm into Congress or telling Daphne to finally put a sock in it was quite satisfying. Oh, why aren’t there more stories about young queens? Forget the princess dream, we need to have more girls dreaming of being queens! Princesses may be pretty and all, but queens have all the power!

That’s not to say that Sam and Jeff don’t get their share of drama or development. Poor Sam still has middle child syndrome where she is either ignored or snubbed by everyone around her, or whatever she wants, Beatrice winds up getting first. It’s almost comical how Sam can never catch a break that way, but it’s great to see her grow up a little in light of these hardships.

Daphne, the conniving little schemer that she is, remains as deliciously unlikable as before. Though I understand why the way she is, and I should feel sorry for her, I sped through her scenes hoping she would finally get her comeuppance. And she did get it in just the perfect way! If there is a third book, I will revel in how she has to deal with her punishment for all the atrocities she committed.

And…that’s it. I know it’s not a particularly long review, but I’m writing about a character-driven story with excellent pacing and characterization. Not a lot to talk about beyond that without possibly going into spoilers. All I can tell you guys is that this is turning into a pretty good series (if I can call it that when there are only two books) and that it comes highly recommended.

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