City of Ghosts, by Victoria Schwab

For once, I seem to be on brand (and on time) with the books I review in a given month. And this one is no different, since it concerns ghosts: a whole city of them, if we may judge by the title. The tag line promises “an adventure unlike any other,” which I knew was a lofty promise from the beginning, and indeed…

Cassidy has been able to see ghosts ever since a near-death experience almost a year prior. Since that time she has made a best friend out of Jacob, the ghost that rescued her, snd her parents have picked up a television show all about ghosts. They move to Scotland to film the first episode, and Cassidy discovers, well, a city of ghosts. She finds another girl who can see ghosts as well, but Cassidy discovers a sinister reason for why she can see ghosts.

From the length and the large print, I had a feeling I was in for a simple ghost story. The story moves quite fast too, so the adventure ends before you have a chance to truly take it in.

Not that the story is bad. It is interesting to explore Cassidy’s world, who she is, and why/how she can see ghosts. The Scottish setting is effectively creepy and full of lore. Part of that dark lore even comes into play as Cassidy’s antagonist. 

Like I said, though, this is not a spectacular read. It is something you pick up during the Halloween season or when you need a quick little ghost story. There is even the promise of a sequel. Like I need to go into detail why that was bothersome when there was no notice of this being the beginning of a series.

Not much to say beyond that. So on that note, Happy Halloween, my fellows! Go eat something sweet, get comfy in your costume, and enjoy whatever spooky things you may find.

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